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Students attending the two-day World Art Day festival at the Old NST Complex, Kohima on April 12. (Photo courtesy: Twitter)

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Kohima | April 12

Lighting up the heart of the state capital city, a two-day World Art Day festival kicked off here at the Old NST Complex, Kohima. An initiative of the Task Force for Music & Arts (TaFMA) in collaboration with visual artists from Nagaland, the two-day festival will feature a painting demonstration by 10 visual artists, an art competition, interactions between amateur and professional artists , an exhibition and sales of works of art.

Speaking about the program, Art & Drama Educator, Cynthia Kolakhe pointed out that every year World Art Day is celebrated on April 15, but as it coincides with Good Friday this year, the program was scheduled for an earlier date. . World Art Day, which was proclaimed at the 40th session of UNESCO’s General Conference in 2019, she said, “is a celebration aimed at promoting the development, dissemination and enjoyment art”.

She further emphasized that each year, the celebration contributes to strengthening the links between artistic creations and society, fostering greater awareness of the diversity of artistic expressions and highlighting the contribution of artists to sustainable development.

“It is also an opportunity to shine a light on arts education in schools, as culture can pave the way for inclusive and equitable education,” she also added.

In launching the two-day art festival, Adela Moa, Director of Art and Culture, observed that there are no set rules or boundaries that an artist cannot cross. Stating that artists express themselves best using different materials and mediums, she says, they skillfully convey their perceptions of the world.

She also maintained that artists are expressive and creative and bring people together while commending TaFMA for delivering this exciting two-day program and providing a platform for the artist community to showcase talent.

Stating that this is a step in the right direction, she also pointed out that visual arts encompass different mediums such as painting, sculpture, photographic installation, etc.

She also urged artists to seize the opportunity to interact and connect with each other, and also to learn as much as they can. “May your creativity flourish,” she added.

Earlier, Dr. Hovithal Sothu, Project Manager, TaFMA delivered the welcoming remarks.

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