Titans Win Top Art Honors – TCU Hosts Section Art Festival

Titan artists took home five of the top 12 honors at the North Section 2A Art Festival, which was hosted by Tri-City United High School last week.

The Minnesota State High School League event brought together top student performers from TCU, Belle Plaine, Le Sueur-Henderson, Nicollet, and Sibley East high schools.

It was TCU’s first time hosting the festival, which featured 65 works of art created by more than 50 student artists. Eighteen of the pieces were made by Titan.

A panel of six judges reviewed and rated each artwork based on composition, craftsmanship, process and problem-solving, and expressive qualities. The exhibit then opened to the public on Tuesday evening, April 12, in the TCU gymnasium. “I was very pleased with the number of people who came to see the show on Tuesday night,” said Tony Barnack, art teacher at TCU High School. “The gymnasium was never empty, and families from other towns also came to see the show.”

A student art festival, including mini-courses led by local topiary artist Meghan Petricka and typographer artist Craig Kotasek, and an awards ceremony was held for all participating student artists on Wednesday 14 april.

Barnack and fellow TCU High School art educator Bethany Thalman announced and presented the awards.

The Titans recorded 13 top ratings and 4 excellent ratings.

Top marks went to: Janik Wagner (“Lexus LFA” design), Alexa Triden (“The Violin” painting), Drew Murphy (“Marauder’s Rest” sculpture) and Marco Reyes (“Inner Peace” ceramic).

Top marks went to: Pax Meyer (“Artificial Order” drawing and “Dysphoria” painting), Sydney Whiteis (“Medea and Psyche” drawing), Gaby Dahlke (“Warped” drawing), Nalia Wagner (“Odd Form” drawing) ), Anna Barnett (“A Sight of Summer” painting), Mikayla Marek (“Hello?” painting), Danessa Buckingham (“Maci Jean” painting), Rachael Paggen (“Abstract Bubble Pot” sculpture and “Mother Nature” ceramic ), Bailey Witte (“Chaos” sculpture), Marco Reyes (“Clay Bot 3000” sculpture) and Edward Devine (“The Amphora” ceramic).

Megan Marek (drawing “My Puppy”) was the only TCU recruit in the contest.

Five artists from TCU won the festival’s highest honor, the elite…

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Reggie S. Williams