The Gasparilla arts festival returns in 2022

The 52nd Annual Raymond James Gasparilla Arts Festival has announced the festival jury and featured image of the 2022 festival, to be held at Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park on March 5-6, 2022.

“As we emerge from the pandemic, we must come together to celebrate all that unites us,” said Jamie Jenkins, president of the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts. “It’s events like GFA that bring the community together to celebrate our common interests, our passions and our purpose.”

Since hosting the only jury-rigged art exhibition in the country practically last year, which was the only one to award cash prizes, the team led by GFA volunteers have worked passionately to make the festival of 2022 one of the records.

Janet Echelman to Attend Jury Art Show in Tampa

GFA has announced that artist and Tampa Bay native Janet Echelman will be a jury member for the 2022 show. Echelman is a world-renowned artist who is local to the Tampa Bay area and has a deeply personal connection with GFA.

“We are delighted to have Janet’s continued support for GFA and thank her for being a part of this year’s festival,” Jenkins noted. “His inspiring designs can be seen around the world. Most notably, “Bending Arc” is one of his works that can be viewed at St. Pete’s Pier. ”

According to art lovers around the world, Echelman defies categorization. She is well known for creating inflated sculptures designed at the scale of buildings, choreographed by wind and light, which evolve from an object you are looking at to a living environment you can lose yourself in.

Virtual show celebrates artists in Tampa Bay

Echelman’s TED Talk “Taking Imagination Seriously” has been translated into 35 languages ​​and viewed nearly 2,500,000 times. the very essence of urban spaces. Oprah ranked Echelman’s work number one on her “List of 50 things that make you say Wow! “

“I grew up helping my mother, the late silversmith Anne Echelman Cantor, with her handcrafted jewelry. It is therefore always a special joy to come back to my hometown to meet artists and share their work ”, declared Echleman.

GFA has also announced that Betsy Best will be the festival’s image artist. Twister II – Twist Again, uses printmaking as a canvas for a playful and poignant depiction of the intimate interactions we’ve all missed over the past year and a half.

A new experiential art experience

“The pandemic has reduced some of our most intimate interactions… holding hands, hugging, dancing, playing. Twister II – Twist Again is a tribute to the physical contact and the play that we had to do without, ”said Better. “Here, the physical proximity of the traditional Twister game is extreme, resulting in a jumble of tangled and entwined bodies. To discern one figure from another is wonderful. The varied range of patterns adds to the bustle. Yet there is no caution here, only lightness and a recognition of the human need for brotherhood.

“This is just one way to interpret this piece. I hope viewers will observe my work through the prism of their own experience and build a story or meaning of their own. Above all, I’m happiest when my work resonates with an individual and causes a nod or a smile, ”Best said.

Learn more by visiting the official festival website.

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