The first Anishinaabe art festival is scheduled for July 2022

BEMIDJI – The first-ever Anishinaabe Art Festival will be held July 22-23, 2022 at the Sanford Center.

“Through the prism of the arts, the festival will celebrate the richness of Anishinaabe history, culture and people,” said a statement. “The planning team, key partners and Indigenous artists are preparing for a vibrant event where we can all come together to exchange stories and share cultural values ​​through crafts, visual arts, dance. , gastronomy, storytelling and fashion.

In 2019, 4-Directions Development, Leech Lake Financial Services, and Gizhiigin Arts Incubator met with representatives of the Native American arts community, regional arts organizations, and the city of Bemidji to discuss ways to use the arts as a vehicle for economic development. and community, says the liberation.

As a result, the group established the first Anishinaabe Art Festival with support from the National Endowment for the Arts Our Town grant program.

“This is a great opportunity to celebrate the artistic heritage of the Anishinaabe community, while providing an outlet for artists to market themselves and develop their art,” said Bemidji City Manager Nate Mathews.

The Anishinaabe Art Festival will also support the commercial development of artists.

“Our artists are so important to our booking savings and are able to add tremendous value to Bemidji and regional economies,” said Sharon James, executive director of 4-Directions Development. “We have to support them as we would any other business.”

For more information, follow the Anishinaabe Art Festival Facebook page.

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Reggie S. Williams