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Contribution of the Downey Arts Coalition

DOWNEY – The Downey Arts Coalition and the Town of Downey are hosting an “Ofrendas” art exhibit at the 8th Annual Downey Dia de Los Muertos ”Art Festival on Saturday, October 30 from 11 am to 8 pm in downtown Downey, on Firestone Boulevard, in Brookshire. Entrance to the festival and parking are free.

Shown at three locations on the Festival grounds, “Ofrendas” (Spanish for offerings) includes sculptures by artist Jorge Del Toro that reflect abstracts and celebrate nature that will be on display in the hall among the traditional art exhibit. in the mezzanine of the theater. We are also delighted that for the first time, but not the last, the Downey Arts Coalition will be presenting a student art exhibit adjacent to the Main Library.

Pat Gil, Project Coordinator and Vice President of the Downey Arts Coalition, is delighted to present the “Ofrendas” art exhibit. It will feature many talented and well-known artists, such as one of the all-time favorites, Hector Silva, who is highly respected by so many artists. It should also be noted that several of the featured artists, Pinchi Michi, Carolina Del Toro and Polaris Castillo, also have large audiences.

Upstairs, in the mezzanine of the theater, curator Andrew Hernandez has assembled a wide variety of works, including pastels by Jorge del Toro and smaller sculptures. We will be presenting exceptional works by newcomers Wendy Hernandez and Maricela Avina. The artists’ mediums include oil, pencil, marker, sculpture, and recycled art. Prices vary from affordable to expensive.

Eloisa Ball (EJ), Curator of the Downey Arts Coalition Student Art Exhibition, is delighted to share that Gizzel Anaya of Warren High School has been invited to exhibit one of her works of art, “Hasta Que La Muerta Nos Separe” with professional artists in the mezzanine.

The Downey Arts Coalition has been a staple of the annual Dia de Los Muertos art festival from the start, when festival co-producer and director of the Downey Theater, Amber Vogel Shaver, reached out and suggested a partnership.

Pat Gil summed it up: “One of the reasons this is such a great partnership is that this place is the raison d’être of the Downey Arts Coalition: to give voice to the community and to empower it. to express themselves artistically and to reach as wide an audience as possible. “

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