Teenagers paint Haring-style mural at Fenimore Art Museum

July 24 — About a dozen teens from the Oneonta Teen Center traveled to Cooperstown on Friday to tour the Fenimore Art Museum and paint a Keith Haring-style mural for the museum.

“The mural is based on Keith Haring’s mural in Düsseldorf,” said Michelle Bosma, youth programs manager at Fenimore. “Haring made 50 public works of art and loved bringing teenagers to help him.”

Bosma said the teenagers and their younger siblings used the same color palette Haring used on the Düsseldorf mural to create their own mural.

“The teens come from all over Otsego County,” Bosma said. “For many of these at-risk teens, it’s important to come together. In 1989 Haring was one of the most famous artists in the world. He was also openly gay. We wanted to show these teens that they can get away with it. indulge in art and that there is equality and community there for them.

Bosma said the mural has been in the works for two months and is a “testament to everything we have in Otsego County. Steven Clark was a member of the board of trustees of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art and he contributed a lot to Fenimore. “

She said the museum is focusing on young people this year. They invited the teens to visit the museum, had them paint the mural, and had a pizza party afterwards.

The teens and their younger siblings laughed as they painted. Museum staff quickly created a cover of a pop-up tent with its legs attached to four tables to provide enough height for teens to paint under the rain-threatening sky and producing a few drops of rain as they were painting.

“For many, it was their first time in an art museum and in Fenimore,” Bosma said. “We really want to show kids that this museum is for them.”

She said that this year, young people 19 and under are admitted to the museum for free and that they have organized exhibitions for the youngest.

Earlier this year they had an exhibit on Jan Brett and from August 7 the museum will host an exhibit of popular children’s books on Arthur, Bosma said.

“The husband is the artist and his wife makes toys,” Bosma said. “Both will have exposure.”

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