Sawdust Art Festival will unveil plans for pollinator gardens

Signs ask visitors to social distance and wear masks on the grounds of the Sawdust festival. Photo by Daniel Langhorne

The Laguna Canyon Conservancy, Laguna Greenbelt Inc. and the Sawdust Art Festival will present their plans for a new pollinator garden on the festival grounds from 4-7 p.m. on Monday, May 2.

Sawdust leaders will host the Laguna Canyon Conservancy, Laguna Canyon Foundation, Laguna Greenbelt, Laguna Beach Canyon Alliance of Neighborhoods Defense Organization and Laguna Beach Garden Club.

Laguna Canyon Foundation staff members dedicated this week and the garden will be installed over the next eight months. The estimated budget for the project will be at least $20,000 and is supported by Sawdust, Laguna Canyon Conservancy and Laguna Greenbelt.

The Foundation also provided two years of monitoring and maintenance of the pollinator garden. This will be the third pollinator garden planted by Foundation staff in Laguna Canyon, said Hallie Jones, executive director of the Laguna Canyon Foundation.

On Monday, event coordinators will present visual presentations of the future natural habitat of monarch butterflies and other pollinators.

A member of each participating organization will discuss the importance of the Canyon from the perspective of their organization.

Attendees can expect light refreshments, a hostless wine bar and cookies provided by CANDO. This event is open to group members and children are welcome.

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Reggie S. Williams