Punto Art Bazaar Sofia – Steampunk & place of art

For those unfamiliar with steampunk, this is a Victorian sci-fi genre inspired by 19th century industrial steam machines. Steampunk works combine mechanical and vintage elements and are generally very attractive.

Punto Art Bazaar is a 2 story gallery where you can find good examples of steampunk handicrafts and other contemporary designs.

The first floor is mainly used for jewelry, ceramics, accessories, notebooks and postcards. Most of the jewelry is silver, of high quality and some of the designs are pure masterpieces. Look around, the finest handcrafted steampunk items are usually located on the top shelves or hanging from the ceiling.

The second floor is a small gallery of drawings and paintings.

For myself or for special occasions when you need a gift, there are two products that I usually buy from Punto Art Bazaar. The first is Pagane Uniques Jewelery: bracelets, earrings and rings in resin with flowers, feathers and other cool items.

The second thing is the collection of pretty roller organ music boxes with popular, rock or movie songs. Seriously, this could be a fantastic gift for someone.

Tip: if you go to Punto Art Bazaar, go see Made in Blue (see article Made in Blue) for a super delicious meal in a retro atmosphere afterwards.

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Reggie S. Williams

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