Pop’s gonna eat Cedar Rapids? The Iowa Pop Art Festival returns this weekend

Every day. Ordinary. Bright. Fat. Any. Flashy. Modest. Pop: It’s all of those things, and that’s what makes it great. Taking place on Saturday, May 21 at 10 a.m., the Iowa Pop Art Festival takes place at multiple locations in Cedar Rapids, including CSPS Hall, NewBo City Market, and participating neighborhood stores.

The festival consists of three main parts. Local businesses around Czech Village and New Bohemia will showcase works by individual artists. The main event is the Art Show at the Market, with 80 Iowa artists selling art in many mediums and businesses offering vintage merchandise. And CSPS Hall hosts an exhibition, “Factory”, which consists of large-scale conceptual works by 15 artists.

The artists, the description of the show reads, “don’t think about making art, [they] just do it. They are artists who “let everyone decide if it’s good or bad, love it or hate it, and while they decide, make more art…work day day in and day out creating art, like it’s their job, even when it’s not paying the bills. With a description like this, you know the show is going to be good.

“Factory” opens May 21 and will run through June 21. Artists include Jennifer Drinkwater, Jamila Johnson, Lauren Casto and YAZZIEWONPHON.

Pop Art has several meanings depending on the individual, and inspiration can come from anywhere. It’s a celebration of everyday life and the myriad influences found in the ordinary.

The selected artists below, who will be among those showcasing their work at NewBo City Market, were kind enough to tell me what Pop Art means to them and where in everyday life they find inspiration. inspiration. Explore their Instagram accounts for extended viewing pleasure.

Alicia Abram@glassartbyalicia

“Pop Art is a vibrant and colorful artistic movement often inspired by popular culture and daily life. I don’t know if my art would really be classified as pop art, but it’s colorful, vibrant, and based on landscapes of everyday life and experiences.

“I find inspiration in nature itself. Flowers and trees, ocean, hills and sunsets are beautiful works of art and are just some of the beauties that inspire me. Each piece of my work represents nature, an emotion, an exploration of colors and patterns, or my own vision.

Spike Dupree@goodfornuthing @everythingscliche

“For me, pop art is almost a two-sided coin. It represents popular topics and ideas but also what is not (what I call anti pop art). I am inspired by my peers and food. But also of the world and what is happening around me.


“For me, pop art reflects a society structured around consumerism and obsessed with fame. I tend to draw most of my artistic inspiration from the natural world and the metaphysical realm. I’m also very inspired by my fiancé, my friends and my DVK mates in Florida and the UK.

Emily Lawson@emilyelisabethart

“Pop Art pays close attention to the world, the people and the culture that surrounds us and celebrates (and sometimes challenges) it, through bright colors, simple lines and geometric shapes. I have mental health issues, so staying present to the world around me, seeing ordinary everyday things look so beautiful is my favorite inspiration. Tree branches against the blue sky, the silhouette of my toddler’s face as she plays, cream swirling around in the coffee… inspiration is everywhere if I can see it.

Chiara Nivana@shiara.nivana

“Pop Art, for me, means that there is a space for everyone. In a city that often seems to lack an arts scene, she has created a warm welcome for younger and newly established artists. It’s great to know that there was a community from the beginning and everything we needed as a focal point to showcase all of our talents. I find a lot of my inspiration through the local Iowa music scene. I’ve been doing movies for about 12 years now, and that’s where I developed my love of architecture and nature in photography, but constantly getting involved in shows and especially seeing my friends perform – that really motivated me to capture those moments. Getting those snapshots where the space and atmosphere of a show when the people in the crowd or the performers are most vulnerable and enjoying themselves is my all-time favorite feeling as an artist.

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Reggie S. Williams