Orange County’s new art exhibit looks to the future, through 2050 – Central Florida News

In future Orange County, how would leaders tackle climate change, an affordable housing crisis, or even unknown pandemics?

What will Orange County look like in 2050?

This is the question the Orange County government is asking local artists through its “Postcards from the Future” initiative.

Artists are encouraged to submit 2 and 3-D works that envision the county 30 years from now for an exhibition that runs November 1-30.

In a statement, the county said the purpose of the display was to “spark conversation and engagement” in the region’s future development.

Designs can be futuristic or even traditional, but should take into account how residents will “interact, move, live, work and play”.

The works will be on display in the atrium of the Orange County Administrative Building.

Anyone interested can apply to participate in the exhibit on the county’s website before midnight on October 10. TP submit artwork using this link.

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