Meta launches a series of art exhibits in its Metaverse app during Black History Month

“I Am A Man” by Gabe Gault is an artwork created in Meta’s Horizon Worlds VR app.


Several months after Meta’s Horizon Worlds social VR app entered public betaMeta begins to exhibit metaverse artistic experiments made with his own metaverse tools.

A project created by a VR sculptor Gabe Gault is the first of what Meta describes as a series of cultural and artistic experiences that will launch in Horizon Worlds. Gault’s work, titled ‘I am a man’, is an immersive 3D sculptural work that explores black history from the 1960s. It is “to pay homage to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to Rosa Parks, “I Am a Man” activists and the Tuskegee Airmen, according to Meta’s description.

Although Meta has already experimented with playing in Horizon Worlds, this is the company’s first step into art and culture for its metaverse. A press release highlights that its Metaverse Culture series will be “a more accessible entry point into the future of technology for historically excluded communities, ensuring that culture and diverse perspectives are woven into the fabric of the metaverse.”

The exhibit opens Feb. 22 and runs during Black History Month, though no specific end date has been given. The project was created by Gault in Horizon Worlds, which has a number of creative tools.

According to Meta, a roundtable with the artist and a few members of the media took place inside the work-focused company. Horizon work rooms app to talk about the process. Meta seems to be following this approach with other projects as well. The company’s recent Foo Fighters VR gig had a very limited fan-focused get-together in Horizon Workrooms, where conversations might be easier to hold than in the freer Worlds app.

In the past, Facebook and Oculus were frequently involved in creating artistic and immersive experiences that appeared as apps or 3D video documentaries, appearing at festivals such as sun dance and Tribeca. Horizon Worlds seemed like a place where Meta would start exploring more immersive curated experiences, but it’s still unclear how the company will handle a larger scale. moderation of behavior in these worlds.

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Reggie S. Williams