“Many Leaves, One Tree” at the Horsforth Walk of Art Festival

HORSFORTH is once again hosting its annual Walk of Art festival, celebrating community and the environment

The festival, now in its 9th year, will take place the first weekend of July (July 2 and 3), from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.

It is a free, community-based and inclusive arts festival. It aims to showcase the creativity of local artists and performers in everyday and unusual spaces in hopes of inspiring a community to make art, in all its forms, accessible and engaging.

The theme for 2022 is “Many Leaves, One Tree”. It is a subject near and dear to the heart of the community. It means “everyone is individual but always connected, no one is alone”.

This is a recurring theme in Leeds Civic Trust’s 2021 ‘Take a Seat’ initiative, where Horsforth was chosen to design a colorful community bench (created by artist Hew Ma) in remembrance of covid19.

Lead organizer Kezia Roberts said: “The theme is very important to the people of Horsforth. The last two years have created opportunities across Leeds to bring people together and show that we really care.

“Each year the festival is shaped by the community, we have no idea which artists will join us and where until the end of the application period. It’s incredibly exciting, and this year is no exception. Incredible talent from filmmakers, street artists and artisans to Manga artists and musicians.

“It will truly be a celebration of the arts.”

This year will see the return of many hands-on activities and the opportunity to observe artists as they work. People will also be able to take advantage of the High Street Galleries for which volunteers have been shortlisted for a Child Friendly Leeds Award for their work in all local schools.

Vicky Iball of Firefly Pottery on Town Street, Horsforth explained why she gives her time freely to visit schools for the Walk of Art.

“Clay encourages learning from mistakes and non-outcome oriented experimentation, we provide material and method that goes beyond the scope of the curriculum by giving children experiences they might not otherwise have” , she said.

“We live the work and breathe the creativity at Pottery and anything that shares the joys and benefits of that with our community has our full support.”

Check the Walk of Art social media sites for more information and to help you plan your visit in advance.

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Reggie S. Williams