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SANTA MONICA, California, 22 December 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – The awards ceremony was hosted by Princess Karen Cantrell, President of the LABA International Art Festival. Cantrell introduced eminent artist and international art curator Marisa Cauchiolo, founder of Building Bridges Art Exchange, a non-profit organization. Ms. Cauchiolo plans and organizes international art exhibitions and has made a significant contribution to the art world with the support of the Building Bridges Art Exchange charity.

Dr. James daichendt, member of the Presidium of the Jury of the LABA International Arts Festival, presented Ms. Cauchiolo with the LABA Icon Charity Award. Cauchiolo later delivered a passionate acceptance speech, declaring: “Building Bridges Art Exchange will continue to make contributions to the art world. “

Other participants included artists Lidia Rubinstein, Eduardo Rubinstein, Petra Eiko, and Kayla broberg. The LABA International Art Festival was represented by the founder Joey zhou and members of the jury Dr. James daichendt and Harrison engle.

In addition, the famous artist Mr. Xinyong wang received the LABA Icon Charity Award. Wang was recommended to the Art Festival by Mr. Jiannan Huang, the first recipient of the Blue-Chip Artist Award presented by the LABA International Art Festival. Huang is a world-renowned artist, ranked 19th in the world on the Hurun Global Art List 2020 and third on the China Art List 2020.

Mr. Xinyong wang is a masterful artist living in America who has produced an innovative style in painting and calligraphy for over 20 years. His artistic creations reflect the integration of eastern and western cultures, a rich pluralism and his independent style. Mr. Wang has successfully organized art exhibitions, lectures and exchanges in Beijing, Nankeen, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Taos, and J. Wayne Stark Gallery located at Texas A&M University, among other places. Wang is also deputy director of the Culture and Arts Committee of the Jiangsu General Chamber of Commerce, and has been committed to promoting China-US cultural and artistic exchanges for many years.

Due to the pandemic, Mr. Wang was unable to attend the event to accept the award, and Harrison engle received the award on his behalf. During the ceremony, Mr. Engle and Mr. Wang held a video conference. Mr. Wang gave a short acceptance speech. Mr. Wang’s wife, university professor of landscaping, Dr. Zhao, said, “I am very proud that my husband has received such an important honor along with other internationally famous artists. I will continue to support my husband’s efforts and work. with him to contribute to the public good of art. “Dr. Zhao’s congratulatory speech brought the awards ceremony to its climax and brought the two cities of Los Angeles and Nankeen Closer to each other.

Joey zhou, the founder of the LABA International Art Festival, held a videoconference with Mr. Jiannan Huang. Mr. Zhou asked Mr. Huang why he recommended Mr. Wang for this honor. Huang said he didn’t hesitate to applaud young artists. He believes that young artists should also actively participate in global charitable activities. Mr. Huang hoped that Mr. Wang’s award would inspire young artists to participate in public welfare and charity activities. Mr. Huang also again congratulated Mr. Wang on the award.

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