LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL Music and Art Festival wraps up an epic 3-day weekend in downtown Las Vegas!

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Nicole DeRosa joined the All Access Music Group family in February 2012. She loves the infectious energy and enthusiasm of the music industry and feels right at home when music compliments her every day. Nicole combines the experience and skills she acquired after working in New York City as a photo researcher and editor for Entertainment Weekly and Harpers Bazaar Magazine. After New York, Nicole moved to London for school and there she stood in line for hours on Oxford Street to hear Paul McCartney perform an impromptu concert on a rooftop. Another notable experience while living in London was her first time at a radio station, she won an invitation to a record release party with the Beastie Boys for their album “Ill Communication”. “I love London because it has such a vibrant and diverse music scene and I couldn’t help but go out every night to see concert after concert. It was a wonderful time.” Living near the famous Sherpards Bush Empire Concert Hall, one of his most favorite concerts to date was seeing Bjork. Nicole also worked for Walt Disney World in product development and then worked for the Disney Animation Archives in Florida. Nicole has a passion for travel and adventure and always wanted to live in California, so she packed her bags and moved four years ago to the “Left Coast” and has loved it ever since.

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