Law update: Hite writes draft law to support wind energy

COLUMBUS – A regional legislature would like to contribute to promoting the increased development of a form of renewable energies.

Ohio Senate

Senator Cliff Hite, R-Findlay: On Thursday, Hite tabled a bill that would address wind turbine installation laws that he said prevent the development of the renewable energy sector.

The bill would reverse an amendment made by the General Assembly in 2014 that tripled the setback of the property line for turbines or the minimum distance of a turbine from the property line. Originally 1.1 times the height of the turbine, the clearance has been increased to about 1,300 feet, the same distance a turbine must be from a house. Hite’s calculation would reduce this setback to 1.2 times the height of the turbine.

“Current policies run counter to Ohio’s reputation as a business-friendly environment and energy producing state,” said Hite. “It prevents companies interested in gaining access to and investing in wind energy in Ohio from doing so.”

Ohio House of Representatives

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed the Disaster Relief Act, which would exempt companies outside of the state of certain taxes when they come to Ohio for disaster work.

The bill would allow communications and infrastructure companies, utilities, and other eligible organizations to benefit from state and local income taxes, state and local use taxes, business tax, and license requirements for anyone in Ohio following the governor’s declaration of a disaster Ohio or the US President.

The bill is now being examined by the Senate.

US House of Representatives

Rep. Bob Latta, R-Bowling Green: On Monday, Latta and a group of bipartisan congressmen released a draft outlining possible reforms to the over-the-counter monograph system in the pharmaceutical industry. According to a statement from Latta’s office, the reforms would modernize the monograph framework and allow the Food and Drug Administration to “make scientific regulations for OTC ingredients through a government order process, an approach closer to new drug use practices.”

“The outdated OTC monograph system is stifling innovation and damaging consumer confidence,” Latta said. “Moving to a more flexible system that leverages new information and scientific advances ultimately means more security for manufacturers and better products for consumers. Non-partisan, we published this bill that would make the monograph process predictable and create a more robust over-the-counter market. “

US Senate

Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio: On Wednesday, Brown and United States Representative Ro Khanna, California, United States Congressman introduced joint laws in the Senate and House of Representatives to extend income tax credits to more families and childless workers. The legislation would also allow a one-time upfront payment from EITC to provide people with an alternative to predatory payday loans.

“Americans work longer hours, but too many don’t see that hard work in their pay. Worse still, our tax system can actually tax workers into poverty. That’s not how our middle class or our economy grows, ”Brown said. “Updating the EITC will ensure that all workers can keep more of the money they made for their work.”

Both Brown and Senator Rob Portman, R-Ohio, sent letters to Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross to initiate a Section 232 investigation into foreign steel imports and their national security implications. According to the senators, the investigations that began in April have not progressed since then.

“We know that this government understands the consequences of global steel overcapacity and the flood of steel imports for US steel producers,” the letter said. “Any further postponement of the investigation to Section 232 will result in a growing flood of steel imports into the US and cause even greater damage to the US steel sector. We urge you to quickly complete the Section 232 steel investigation in order to prevent further US steelworks from idling and further US steel workers from being laid off. “

Senator Rob Portman, R-Ohio: On Tuesday, Portman and a bipartisan group of senators passed legislation to give the homeless and foster children better access to higher education.

The bill calls for colleges and universities, as well as the federal government, to improve reach and resources for the homeless and promote youth.

“Foster children face an uphill battle when they graduate from college,” Portman said. “It is in all of our interests to help these children who have aged out of the care system or become homeless and to ensure that the services for them are a priority in existing federal programs.”

Clockwise from top left: Sherrod Brown, Rob Portman, Cliff Hite, Bob Latta

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