Joslyn Art Museum prepares to close for two years while undergoing transformation

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – The Joslyn Art Museum is about to undergo a metamorphosis.

“This is a really pivotal time for this institution and for this community,” said Jack Becker, CEO of the Joslyn Art Museum.

Art museum executives wouldn’t comment on the price of the project, but we’re looking at the changes, including adding 42,000 square feet. This means that you will be able to see more works of art than ever before.

New classrooms will be added, as well as a community room and a new hall.

“There will be a new building, you will see new galleries, you will see new art, you will see a relocated and reimagined museum,” Becker said.

From May 2, you will no longer be able to go to the Joslyn for your dose of art.

But they keep most of their employees. Some will work on “Joslyn Around Town”.

“We will still be working with school districts on virtual field trips. We’re going to work with teachers, we’re going to have adult programs, we’re going to participate in community festivals, partner with other nonprofits to engage the public and think about the arts,” Becker said.

What happens to all the art once the museum closes during construction? Part will be packed and stored. Most of the pieces will go on tour.

“A lot of artwork travels nationally. We are working to make the European collection travel, our American collection. We have a lot of national initiatives to get the Joslyn seen outside of Omaha, across America, which is great while we’re closed,” Becker said.

IF YOU WANT TO GO: The last weekend to check out all the art before Joslyn closes will be April 29-May 1. The museum will have extended opening hours and a few surprises.

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