Istanbul Comics and Art Festival kicks off!

Gazhane Museum istanbul comic and art festival begins

The Gazhane Museum, the city’s new art and living space, offers Istanbulites an unforgettable experience. Mutants, monsters, robots and all the unusual characters take their place at the Museum Gazhane: Istanbul Comics and Art Festival on the theme “The Others”. The festival, which will host comics, cartoons, illustrations, entertainment and more, will be open to everyone and free.

The Gazhane Museum, brought to the city by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) with a multi-faceted restoration project, is preparing for an event its enthusiasts await with interest. The Comics and Humor Museum, which has re-entered city life at the Gazhane Museum after many years, is celebrating its return with the Istanbul Comics and Art Festival. The festival to be organized on the theme of “Others”; Comics, cartoons, illustrations, animations, fanzines and street art will meet its visitors at the Gazhane Museum and on the city walls on October 16 and 17 with workshops, exhibitions and conversation programs.


The festival, which will take place this year under the theme of ‘The Others’, will feature non-human / superhuman characters such as mutants, monsters, robots and cyborgs in comics, animation, cartoons and illustrations. It will center their differences. They will focus on their stories as “others”.


The final of the festival, which will bring together the spirit of art and the dynamism of the public space, will be held with the concert ‘In Hoodies’ for two days, with workshops, lectures, exhibitions and various performances. The event will be free and open to all those who wish to meet mutants, monsters, robots, and all others deemed to be out of the ordinary in the language of art.

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