India Art Festival is back with an array of works by emerging artists and masters

In her book Graffiti Moon, Australian author Cath Crowley describes the quality in art that intrigues her: “I like that in art; that what you see is sometimes more about who you are than what is on the wall”. Art has the ability to connect the artist in their studio and the person on the street with their deepest feelings. However, due to the lack of creative spaces in India, the opportunities for artists to show emotions through their works are limited. This reduces the possibility for art lovers to appreciate such works. “In India, there are few public art galleries. Keeping this in mind, art fairs provide a platform for artists under one roof,” shares India Art Festival Director Rajendra Patil.

After a two-year hiatus, the India Art Festival, founded in 2011, is back with its sixth edition in Delhi. The four-day festival kicked off Thursday at the Constitution Club of India, Rafi Marg, and features 3,500 works by 450 artists from across India.

Showing various views
By Thursday afternoon, the Club’s outdoor space had been transformed with makeshift stalls showcasing thought-provoking artwork. Among the independent artists and galleries showing their works here is Manju Srivatsa, a painter from Dehradun, with a collection of watercolor flower paintings. Sonali Maitra Paul from Krishnanagar, West Bengal is displaying bronze sculptures while Bengaluru-based artist Chethana Ravi presented at the Festival her Geometry series of paintings which used the fragment art technique. Speaking about this, Ravi shared, “I believe that each of us is made up of a number of fragments and each of these fragments constitutes us as a person.”

A number of galleries across the country also feature works by emerging artists and masters. Easel Stories Art Gallery in Noida, Lado Sarai’s Gallery Pioneer, Rhythm Art in Mumbai, M Narayan Art Gallery in Pune, are some in the list.

Works from House of Emerge, a Mumbai-based gallery, piqued our interest. Showcasing what they call “kinetic art,” the gallery collaborates with artists to combine two different works and recreate a third, dynamic in nature. Elaborating on the thought process behind the work, founder Vinay Mehta shared, “I wanted to show viewers that what exists and what doesn’t is all about perspective.”

Exude a different vibe
Unlike the past years, when the Festival was held at the Thyagraj Stadium (a larger venue), this edition, which takes place in a much smaller space, forced the organizers to refuse the participation of a number of artists and of galleries. CR Park-based artist Niloy Sen, who was part of previous editions, said: “It’s not just that the space is smaller, previous festivals have a different vibe that I think this one lacks. -this.” Despite a relatively smaller venue than in previous seasons, sculptor Bharati Pitre from Pune concluded, “I think the artists have had two years’ time to reflect and ruminate their works, unlike other times when one is always in a hurry to produce the latest novelties. pieces of art. This year, the edition is more personal.

WHAT: India Art Festival
WHEN: Until April 10; 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
WHERE: Constitution Club of India, Rafi Marg

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Reggie S. Williams