Houston man cheated and cheated out of $ 80,000

KHOU video screenshot

KHOU video screenshot

After years of MTVs catfish Series there are still people willing to throw everything away with a pretty face and a few text messages. And a Houston man is now $ 80,000 short after meeting a “woman” on Match.com.

“Woman” is in quotation marks because Greg Davis probably doesn’t know at this point who he corresponded with over the phone and text message for two years. What he does know is that the so-called legacy promised to him by “Malikah” and described by KHOU as “exotic beauty” was just as fake as the photos that were sent to him.

According to KHOU, Davis said that Malikah asked for help collecting an inheritance her father left and that all he had to do was send her money to help with taxes and shipping of the money that was put in storage.

Yes, you are probably saying to yourself, “Who is sending money? Who keeps money? “

“It was increments of $ 5,000, $ 10,000,” he said. “It was also spent paying the fine that was on the money stored.”

In total, Davis said he spent about $ 80,000, including money from his retirement and eyebrow fund, and he even took out payday loans.

The KHOU report indicated that the woman in the photos was in all likelihood not “Malikah” at all as the photos belonged to a porn star. What the hosts of catfish what everyone has taught over the years is that Google image search is your friend.

In a world of dating apps like Tinder, OkCupid, and Match, there is plenty of cheating and catfish fishing going on. But nowadays it is not difficult to protect yourself from it. Even with an app like Tinder, a simple screenshot of someone’s photo is all you need to do a reverse search on Google Images. And with websites like SpyDialer, a phone number lookup can sometimes produce results such as a person’s first or last name.

When people add personal information to apps that use Facebook to fill out their profile, doing a Facebook search by their first name or college or company they work for is another easy way to see if they’re their college or university have their job listed. re catfish fishing or real. It can be time consuming if your first name is a common name, but at some point you will inevitably come across their profile.

In the case of Greg Davis, he eventually realized he was being cheated of his savings after asking for proof of inheritance and receiving a video of his name on some fake $ 100 bills.

Don’t be a Greg Davis when it comes to dating sites and apps. Do your best to be a Sherlock Holmes and find out if the person you’re ready to blow it all away for is real. And even then, don’t blow it all away.

Reggie S. Williams

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