FREE Walkers Chips 6-Pack (again and again)

How to Maximize It

The Tesco magazine, which is printed in the coupon, can be picked up free of charge in the shop by all customers. The next time I checked MSE Towers at Tesco (Tue October 16), loads were piling up at the entrance, but I cannot guarantee they will be in every store.

Of course, Tesco would probably rather only take one magazine, and some may find it greedy or wasteful to pick up several – so that’s a personal choice – but it is certainly possible, as long as the magazines are available, to do so more than when.

The T & Cs in the coupon say it’s one per transaction, so you can’t get 20 on the same shopping spree, but in theory you can go back with a new coupon each time by Wednesday October 31st to pick up more chips . In fact, some extreme couponers have been known to use these plastic partitions for the next customer to make each pack a separate transaction [editor’s note: you’d never catch Jordon doing this…] to use multiple coupons on one trip.

The coupon scans at the checkout at £ 1.50 so keep your eyes peeled for offers as if it drops to £ 1 like it has done in the past, you could win 50p or an “overrun” that should come from the rest Your purchase (see our Extreme couponing Guide for more tips like this one).

If the chips aren’t your pocket, donate the packs to a chalkboard or other charity collection anytime and it won’t cost you a penny.

Reggie S. Williams

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