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MILAN — Fidenza Village is mature, according to Desirée Bollier, President and Commercial Value Retail, which operates the Italian luxury destination.

Celebrating its 18th anniversary this year, Fidenza Village is part of Value Retail’s The Bicester Village collection. Bollier said she was “proud of the name,” which enhances “value” as a key element, and how the villages have matured in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Fidenza has moved away from being a shopping center into being a destination. You don’t just come and buy a shirt, it’s a very transactional experience, a day for our client who spends an average of four to five hours there,” Bollier said. In fact, spend per visit has increased by double digits.

“The quality of the guests we attract is incredible,” she added, noting that the place has changed about 20% of its brands, adding Prada tastes; Etro; Missoni – whose collection of renovated houses is “fantastic,” she said – and Loro Piana. “We have completely changed our clientele.

Recent openings at Fidenza Village include stores for Stella McCartney and Peserico, which opened in April, as well as for Pinalli Cosmetics with a dedicated Veralab corner, a skincare brand by Cristina Fogazzi, known on Instagram as Estetista cinica. Adidas opened last year, as did Kids Around, a luxury multi-brand for children including Givenchy, Chloe, Balmain and Marc Jacobs.

Some of the Show’s latest pop-up stores, a space dedicated to brands to bring something new to visitors, include Save the Duck, Hugo by Boss and Peserico, and, last year, Emilio Pucci, Valentino and Tory Burch.

During the first quarter ended March 31, year-to-date, the average transaction value at Fidenza Village increased by 20% compared to 2019. In the luxury segment, sales increased by 15% compared to compared to 2019, and the average transaction value increased by 34%. on 2019.

Bollier also noted that a third of 120 Fidenza Village brands offer a special selection of the current collection of products available at high prices.

During the May 2020 pandemic, Fidenza Village launched Virtual Shopping, evolving the retail experience as customers can shop via WhatsApp, email or phone with support from store associates. “It’s not e-commerce, but a complete shopping experience with a human touch at its core,” Bollier observed. The personal stylist service is also available through virtual shopping.

Sales of virtual purchases accounted for 8% of total sales and 90% of Village Fidenza Village brands participating in the virtual shopping service. The top 10 brands for virtual purchases by sales are all luxury and premium brands, Bollie noted.

The collection includes 11 villages Bicester – nine in Europe and two in China. in 2021, sales of Virtual Shopping accounted for 7% of total sales of the collection – a positive trend that is continuing in 2022, Bollier said. The 12th village Belmont Park Village, scheduled to open in New York in 2024. In 2022, since the beginning of the year, the collection in Europe and China has increased from 18.5% of spending per visit, compared to the same period. in 2019.

In March, Fidenza Village launched the first Phygital Street Art festival in Italy, which will run until the end of June. The Fidenza Village Street Art Festival includes murals by 13 international artists including Lidia Cao, who will decorate the Stella McCartney boutique at Fidenza Village in May, and four live performances combining shopping and real-time entertainment through June. In addition to festival artistic director Lucamaleonte and Cao, artists include OrticaNoodles, Sara Pichelli, Seth, Karan Singh, Giulio Vesprini, Pax Paloscia, Sea Creative, Marco Rea, Sten & Lex, Dimitris Taxis and Basik.

“It means having larger-than-life, outdoor art in a very democratic, very accessible environment. We are tearing down the walls of a museum,” Bollier said. “I’m a big believer in experiential retail moments to create memories, to think about what you just experienced. Digital has changed how we approach our environment.

The work “Mucchio di Tigri” at the Fidenza Village Street Art Festival.
image courtesy of Value Retail

Twelve NFT works of art will be linked to The Collection Bicester Do Good program, a network of nine charities supported by the 11 villages. Fidenza Village will donate the proceeds of NFT auctions the charity Make-a-Wish Italia Onlus. In June, the festival will evolve to Street Art Summer Music Festival, until August.

While two villages of the group in China experiencing “extreme success,” Bollier admitted that the severe restrictions in the country caused a “dramatic drop in attendance,” but at the same time, she expressed confidence in “the incredible recovery and rapid rebound. ” of this region.

“We started to focus on the traveler consumer at home, communicate with it and improve our services,” she said, noting that with a personal shopper, average spending amounted to EUR 1 200 against an average of 350 to 450 euros.

At Fidenza Village, there have also been additions to the food segment, also key according to Bollier. These include Verolatte, opened in March, whose Massimiliano Scotti ice cream shop has won the world’s most prestigious awards; Taglierè, Champagne bar with regional cuisine and Ruinart; the Parma Menù restaurant, which has just been renewed, offers local products such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Culatello, prosciutto di parma and Signorvino, owned by the giant Calzedonia Group, with a selection of Italian wines.

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