Fab 5 Freddy opens solo art exhibition at Gallery 151 in New York

Long standing hip hop icon Fab 5 Freddy may be best known to many for his pioneering VJ work with the famous Hey ! MTV Raps program, but his first resume includes groundbreaking graffiti art and significant contributions to the traditional art world. A contemporary of legendary artists like Andy warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat, Fab 5 Freddy has helped connect the thriving hip hop styles of music, fashion and art to a ‘downtown’ crowd, helping hip hop culture break free from the confines of its birthplace original.

The man who voiced the classic and oft-sampled and strummed vocal snippet, “Ahh, this stuff is really fresh,” returns to his artistic roots with an ongoing solo exhibition in New York City Gallery 151, in the Lower East Side. The exhibition, titled New York: new job, features a remixed mix of graffiti art, painting, photography and additional materials.

Fab 5 Freddy and Kanye West at the New York: New Work opening (Photo via Gallery151.com)

New York WPIX (Channel 11) talked with Fab 5 Freddy for a video segment of the morning show, talking about the history of graffiti, its influence on the fine art world and its new exhibition.

Gallery 151 is located at 350 Bowery between 4th Street and Great Jones. New York: new job runs until July 1.


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