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The Southern Arkansas Center for the Arts will host an exhibit Monday through Friday featuring the work of student artists from El Dorado High School, titled “Exploring Art Through the Senses.”

An artists’ reception will be held from 5:30 to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 3 in honor of all the students who participated.

The artwork on display was created by students taught by artists Maria Botti Villegas and Jorge Villegas as part of a long-term residency in teacher Katie Harwell’s EHS class as part of the Arts in Education (AIE) program ), as well as a grant from the El Dorado Education Foundation. .

The AIE Program is a grant-funded program through the Arkansas Arts Council and SAAC designed to enhance the role of the arts in preK-12 educational settings by fostering participation in the arts as integral part of life and the process of basic education.

Artists are based in a school or community organization where they work with a site coordinator and key staff members to develop programs and activities for students.

The AIE program at El Dorado High School aided and developed a project designed around the five senses. Harwell, Maria, and Jorge discussed sensory deprivation with the class, then used project-based learning to tackle drawing, painting, weaving, 3D building, printing, and designing large-scale murals .

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Reggie S. Williams