Digital art festival showcases local talent

Digital art festival showcases local talent

Recognizing the country’s arts scene and digital economy, Siam Piwat and Iconsiam have partnered with Baandam Museum, Kasikorn X and Plan B Media to host the inaugural Thailand Digital Arts Festival 2022 (TDAF2022) to provide a platform for artists Thai people to showcase their creativity and create new visual art experiences.

Featuring over 1,400 real-life works of art by famous Thai artists, the exhibition connects two parallel realms – the physical and digital worlds – categorizing them by disciplines, methods and styles. Art lovers will be able to see all the pieces in tangible and digital formats.

Culture Minister Itthiphol Kunplome, Creative Director Doytibet Duchanee of the Baandam Museum of Late National Artist Thawan Duchanee, Thanamet Ariyawat, Head of a Kasikron X Business Builder, and President Mayuree Chaipromprasith of Siam Piwat presided over the ceremony opening day at Iconsiam.

“TDAF2022 is a milestone in the Thai art circle and successfully connects art to the digital world for the first time, not only in Thailand but in Asia. This effort provides a great opportunity and a new platform, building on Thailand’s rich cultural heritage.trumps to create a digital economy.It brings Thai talent to the world.Thai cultural heritage and the creative power of the hands of Thai artists will be elevated and developed to proudly compete internationally This new path is indeed very difficult,” Mr. Itthiphol said.

“Thai artists of different generations in different fields are expressing and transmitting their inspiration. Some of them have already entered the digital world, while others are just embarking on this journey. They are constantly growing, fueled by the fire of creativity, to learn, to adapt and to move forward in this digital world. They will continue to inspire the younger generations and to be their models, not only in the medium of art, but also in other areas.”

Some of the big names include Thawan Duchanee, Pratuang Emcharoen, Emeritus Professor Prayad Pongdam, Emeritus Professor Preecha Thaothong, Tawee Ratchaneekorn, Inson Wongsam and Woranan Chachawalthipakorn.

Itthiphol Kunplome.

Thanachai Utchin and Arikantha Mahaphruekpong.

Emeritus Professor Preecha Thaothong.

Chalermchai Kositpipat and Panthep Nilasinthop.

Doytibet Duchanée.

Chuang Moolpinit.

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