Denver Art Museum’s latest exhibition features 19 emerging artists from Latin America and the Caribbean

A new Denver Art Museum (DAM) will highlight the work of emerging artists from across Latin America and the Caribbean.

This month of July, Who tells a story adds a tail: Latin America and contemporary art will support the modern and contemporary art galleries of the museum on level four and other areas of the DAM campus. The exhibition will primarily feature site-specific artwork by 19 millennial artists from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti , Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and the United States. Each artist was tasked with creating pieces that engaged with the architecture of the museum’s Frederic C. Hamilton Building, designed by Daniel Libeskind.

“Each of the participating artists has incredible work, and their site-specific installations to Who tells a story adds a tail will activate the Hamilton Building with their own voices and lenses on the contemporary Latin American experience,” Christoph Heinrich, director of Frederick and Jan Mayer of DAM, said in a statement. “This one-of-a-kind exhibition demonstrates DAM’s commitment to shaping the museum into a space where multiple voices and perspectives are presented in our galleries, encouraging open conversations inspired by the works on display.”

This is the first major exhibition curated by DAM’s new (and first-ever) Associate Curator for Modern and Contemporary Latin American Art, Raphael Fonseca, who is currently based in Brazil. The title of the exhibition, Who tells a story adds a tail: Latin America and contemporary art, is inspired by a Brazilian proverb, “Quem conta um conto, aumenta um ponto”, or “who adds a tale, adds a point”. According to one version of DAM, the proverb emphasizes the importance of “carrying forward momentum by carrying on a conversation”.

The participating artists, who represent diverse backgrounds, identities and disciplines, were all born between the years 1981 and 1996. For the exhibition, they will work in a range of media – including painting, sculpture, textiles, video, sound, digital and performance. art – to explore topics such as technology, identity, climate change, violence, colonialism and other social and political issues.

The exhibition also incorporates storytelling to highlight historical narratives and life stories of the artists, and invites visitors to share their own experiences and responses to the work to facilitate dialogue on the various themes addressed in the exhibition. ‘exposure.

“The power of this exhibition lies in the combination of what binds the artists and their works, as well as what separates and distinguishes them,” Fonseca said in a statement. “Despite this geographic and generational umbrella, the works in the exhibition are far more extensive than one might expect. These artists show how the same generation linked to a geography can have so many different approaches to art, the idea of ​​fiction, the use of existing images to invoke new ideas and the appeal to the human body are topics explored throughout.

Owho tells a story adds a tail: Latin America and contemporary art will take place at DAM from July 31, 2022 to March 5, 2023. Participating artists are listed below.

Featured Artists:

Eddie Rodolfo Aparicio (Los Angeles, born 1990)

ASMA (Mexico – Ecuador)

Sebastián Calfuqueo (Chile, born in 1991)

Gabriel Chaile (Argentina, born in 1985)

Vitória Cribb (Brazil, born in 1996)

Juan Fuentes (Mexico/Denver, born in 1995)

Claudia Martinez Garay (Peru, born in 1983)

Juan Pablo Garza (Venezuela, born in 1980)

Hulda Guzmán (Dominican Republic, born in 1984)

Caleb Hahne Quintana (Denver, born 1993)

Randolpho Lamonier (Brazil, born in 1988)

Tessa Mars (Haiti, born in 1985)

Andrés Pereira Paz (Bolivia, born in 1986)

Antonio Pichillá (Guatemala, born in 1982)

Gabriela Pinilla (Colombia, born in 1982)

Ana Segovia (Mexico, born in 1991)

Alan Sierra (Mexico, b. 1990)

Yuli Yamagata (Brazil, born in 1989)

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Reggie S. Williams