Blue Genie Art Bazaar Creators Launch May Market

AUSTIN, Texas – You might know Blue Genie Art Bazaar as a place to get creations from local vendors in one place over Christmas time, but this year the makers of Blue Genie Art Bazaar are trying a May market.

General Manager Lani Gonzalez said: “It was a chance to try something different and give the opportunity to many local artists who couldn’t do shows last year to have another chance to show their work. “

One of the local artists you can find at the May Market is Ghost Pepper Glass, a glassblowing studio located east of Austin, named after the owner’s White German Shepherd. Store owner Katie Plunkard said their May Market booth will feature drinking glasses, soap dispensers and more. Each of the items on the stand is unique and requires a lot of work.

“It requires everyone to work together, bringing in a different part of the assembly while it’s 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. So it can be very tricky, ”Plunkard said.

There are many types of locally made creations at the May Market including fine art, paintings, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, prints, candles, soaps, and more. Over 100 exhibitors are also on display, mostly women artists or women-owned businesses.

The May market is open from Friday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. It is also open on Memorial Day. The market will be open until May 31 and you can find it at 6100 Airport Blvd.

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