Biennial Faculty Art Exhibition

This highly anticipated show runs from April 1 through May 10. The opening reception takes place on April 8. Featured artists include Donya Allison, Ashley Edgerton, Mike Gesiakowski, Jessica Hunt and Andrew Newman ’87. The exhibition will include ceramics, drawings, photographs and sculptures.

Donya Allison’s large format photographs are inspired by 17th century Dutch still lifes. The work continues Allison’s investigations into our complicated relationship with animals, particularly our use and exploitation.

Allison has taught painting, drawing, printmaking and intensive art studies at JBS since 2000. She is also a gallery director and curator of the permanent collection of fine arts.

Ashley Edgerton will exhibit small drawings, sculptures and photograms as part of an ongoing exploration of her secular altarpieces. She is always curious to know how literature, politics, collective trauma, art and absurdity come together in the creative process.

Edgerton joined the faculty in 2017 and has taught visual arts for over two decades. She is a faculty co-sponsor of the Gender Equity Organization and also offers, along with students, a visual arts program with residents of the Women’s Safe House.

Mike Gesiakowski will exhibit pieces from an ongoing series of ceramic works that investigate the process of physical and cognitive decay by using the construction of architecture to question our perceptions of memory.

Gesiakowski is director of the fine arts department and has taught ceramics at JBS since 2016. He is also a co-sponsor of the yearbook.

Jessica Hunt will exhibit colorful sculptural mixed-media works from part of her Red Light, Green Light series, which examines the power and limits of interpersonal communication, as well as the disruptive cycles that break down our communication in relationships.

Hunt has taught sculpture at JBS since 2018. She is Co-Director of Bonsack Gallery, JBS Cultural Skills Coach, and Co-Sponsor of Queer Reads Book Club and the Gender Equity Organization.

Andrew Newman will be exhibiting color photographs from his “50th Year” series, a collection of selfies he created, one a day, in the year he turned 50. The series explores the meaning of life.

Newman joined the Burroughs Fine Arts faculty in 1992 and is the school’s official photographer.

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Reggie S. Williams