Art Festival, Korpfest returns to showcase local talent

This Sunday, some of the area’s best street artists will be painting live in Stamford as part of Peterborough’s famous street art festival, Korpfest.

After the last two events took place in isolation, Peterborough’s famous street art festival Korpfest is back with a mobile paint jam.

The event will feature some of the area’s best street artists, painting live in Stamford.

There will be nine artists at work including three from Stamford, one from London and the others from Peterborough.

Programming includes Korp who is the founder of Korpfest and the online Korp Academy where members around the world learn to draw with markers.

Also in attendance will be Nyces (otherwise known as Nathan Murdoch), whose work has gone viral and is the founder of the award-winning Street Arts Hire.

Korpfest will also feature local artist Cur5 who is the founder of live art event Battle Lines and Paul Kneen who is currently enjoying a successful solo exhibition at the Peterborough Museum.

Speaking to Peterborough Matters Korp, he said: “After last year’s event where we were all isolated due to Covid, having a more social aspect to this event is so much nicer.

“We pair very well-known and experienced artists like Nyces and Paul Kneen with less experienced emerging artists. This allows them to interact and share, and ask for advice, but it’s also a low-pressure environment despite the fact to be in a public place so artists can just have fun.”

Korpfest will spotlight local artists celebrating the city’s wealth of artistic talent.

“By hosting this in Stamford just outside Peterborough, I hope to bring the people who love it, from Stamford to Peterborough when we host the next one in Hampton.” said Korp.

“We also have many events planned for the future, so hopefully the more we grow, the more positive impact we can have on the city.”

The event will take place on Sunday, March 13 between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. and will take place in central Stamford at Red Lion Square.

To keep up to date with Korpfest at Stamford and future events, join the facebook group by clicking here, or follow the instagram page by clicking here.

To inquire about sponsoring Korpfest events, email [email protected]

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Reggie S. Williams