Art exhibition featuring Van Gogh and his influences

“Through the eyes of Vincent: Van Gogh and his sources”, will present more than 100 works from 25 museums.

The Santa Barbara Museum of Art partners with the Columbus Museum of Art to present Through Vincent’s Eyes: Van Gogh and his Sources, an exhibition presenting 20 works by Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh.

The exhibition offers the opportunity to discover the works of the famous painter as well as more than 75 works of art by those who inspired him, with more than 100 works from 25 museums in total. It will run from February 27 to May 22.

Through Vincent’s eyes showcases iconic works by Van Gogh from all periods of his career and features artists from the past as well as his contemporaries to show his sophisticated knowledge of a wide variety of art.

Besides the paintings, the exhibition is also the first to include 17 revered first edition novels by Van Gogh by Charles Dickens, George Eliot and more.

The Santa Barbara community offers public programs related to “Van Gogh in Santa Barbara” throughout the city for the duration of the show.

On March 13-14, the SBMA will host a Symposium and Scholars Day featuring art historians, curators and museum curators to discuss the exhibit.

You can find more information about the exhibition as well as advance tickets on

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Reggie S. Williams