art bazaar in Yokohama; Play with Casio apps


Art bazaar in Yokohama

Until November 24, Koganecho Bazaar is held in the area between Koganecho Station and Hinodecho Station on the Keikyu Line in Yokohama.

This is an art festival organized by the Koganecho Management Center, a non-profit organization that uses art to revitalize the urban area of ​​Koganecho in the Naka district of Yokohama.

From the days following World War II, the Koganecho region was known for its prostitution and drugs.

At its peak, there were around 250 small stores used as brothels. Since then, the Association for Environmental Cleanup of Hatsunecho, Koganecho and Hinodecho, in cooperation with the region, government, police, universities and others, has continued its efforts to revitalize the region.

With the city’s daily spaces as a stage, the festival has been held every fall since 2008, and to date, the organizers have invited a total of 90 groups of artists, curators and architects from Japan and abroad. . With an organizational plan that sees creation through presentation as a follow-up process, the festival examines current issues raised by contemporary art.

The markets located under the elevated rail tracks are particularly popular with visitors.

During the bazaar, several events such as chat sessions with artists and guided tours of works of art are organized.

A passport to view the exhibits is available for 700 per person at the Bazaar Bazaar information center, a studio under the elevated pathways, and other venues.

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Play with Casio apps

Casio Computer Co. has released iOS apps that allow users to play musical accompaniments to their favorite songs.

Apps called Chordana Tap and Chordana Viewer are available as both a free app and a paid app, which costs $ 9.99 from the Apple App Store.

Using Casio’s proprietary Chordana music analysis technology, applications can detect musical chord progressions by analyzing the frequency characteristics and temporal changes of an audio file. Users can then play as an accompanist while playing songs stored on iOS devices.

The free app allows users to play the chord progression of a song by tapping a virtual instrument on the screen with a musical accompaniment guide. And the app guides the user through the song using a variety of color coded chords.

The paid application automatically detects chord progressions and displays them on the screen in the form of a chord table. If the user wishes to change the musical key, the chords also change automatically, making it easy to produce chord charts suitable for the performer.

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