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Akron police have arrested a man accused of breaking into the Akron Art Museum and start a little trash fire on Sunday. Museum security called firefighters around 4 p.m. to report the smell of smoke. Executive director Jon Fiume said there was no damage to the museum’s collection and the only real damage was to a small window.

“A lot of people hear ‘window’ and ‘Akron Art Museum‘ and they think it’s our crystal roof. It’s just a small window – easy cleaning, easy repair – so I don’t have the figure yet on what the real damage is,” he said.

The museum was open at the time of the fire and no injuries were reported.

“I am grateful that everyone – especially staff and our visitors – are safe. This gentleman started a fire in a basement bathroom, and that of course set off the fire alarms. And then he went to our upstairs area where he was apprehended. We have security protocols that have been implemented that have helped the whole situation,” Fiume said.

Visitors will not notice any change in their experience.

“We continue to be open during our regular hours,” he said.

Fiume noted that they just started their centennial celebration last week, and there’s also a photography exhibit, “Responsibility to Reveal,” on display to mark 30 years of the Knight Purchase Award. In July, Downtown at Dusk concerts return every Thursday.

As to why the fire was started, the director says he wishes he had the answer. Museum officials are working with the police department as the investigation continues.

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Reggie S. Williams