A glimpse of the reimagined Denver Art Museum campus

The Martin Building, as it is known now, intentionally retained the exterior of the original building designed by Gio Ponti in 1971, but reinvented every space inside. Just in time for the building’s 50th anniversary, there are now additional elevators, bilingual English and Spanish art labels, and updates to improve the flow of visitors.

A new elevator takes visitors to the seventh floor, home to breathtaking rooftop views from inside the renovated West American Art Collection, which now has an additional 9,000 square feet. There are also two decks for soaking up the views of downtown Denver and the Rocky Mountains, while strolling past the art that defines Colorado’s western past.

“The seventh floor is an extraordinary platform for viewing the landscape and directly connecting the American West collection with the American West. You will see the mountains there that you see in the paintings, ”said Silvetti.

On the ground floor is another key renovation project: the Bartlit Learning and Engagement Center. With direct contributions from Colorado artists like Frankie Toan and Moe Gram, this space will be the new center for youth and adult learning.

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“We see about 200,000 young people a year in this museum and so now with this center we will be doing arts and crafts classes for kids, for adults, and we are building a whole new school visit experience,” Heather said. Neilsen. , responsible for learning and engagement at the museum.

Christoph Henrich, the museum director, emphasized a renewed emphasis on sharing stories and inclusive connections. The revamped “Native Arts of North America” exhibit on the third floor showcases this new commitment.

Photo: James Florio Photography

“Being located in the homeland of the Arapahoe, Cheyenne and Ute, as well as many other indigenous nations that inhabit this place, we recognize the profound impact that indigenous peoples have had and continue to have on our institution,” said said Heinrich.

Along with the renovation, museum officials say they have added 65 full-time jobs.

Private and public funds totaling nearly $ 175 million have been invested in the renovation of the museum.

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Reggie S. Williams