The Deliciously Campy “Feast of Burden” Premieres on MOCAtv

NOVEMBER 21, 2012, 5:38 PM

On November 19, MOCAtv premiered the first six episodes of its new 12-part web series, “Feast of Burden,” written and directed by filmmaker Eugene Kotlyarenko and produced by galleristMieke Marple, both L.A.-based. The experimental soap opera, which borrows from John Waters and daytime television, features a group of friends preparing for and attending a dinner party hosted by the unfaithful Benjamin and his uptight writer girlfriend Mercedes. Alexis, Benjamin’s neurotic mistress who brings rat poison to the dinner, Petey, the couple’s landlord who crashes the party, and the love-starved Jimmy Yukon (played by Kotlyarenko), who can’t keep his hands out of his pants, round out a quirky cast of real-life friends and underground figures assembled by Kotlyarenko and Marple.

Marple, co-owner of L.A.’s much talked about Night Gallery, has long wanted to tackle a film project and welcomed the chance to partner with Kotlyarenko. The duo oversaw every aspect of the film, inviting friends and colleagues to volunteer their time. “Feast of Burden was filmed in my apartment, I haven’t had time to change my bedroom back [since the shoot]!” Marple toldARTINFO. Once production wrapped, she and Kotlyarenko approached MOCAtv with a 45-minute feature, which was divided up into 4-minute cliffhanger webisodes. “The underground [aspect] of the film was of interest to MOCA, and having something local,” Marple explained.

This project is independent from Marple’s activities at Night Gallery, but with a new ambitious warehouse space opening in downtown L.A. in January 2013, she doesn’t exclude film and television production from the gallery’s future programming.  The final six episodes of Feast of Burden premiere on MOCAtv on November 26.

— Yasmine Mohseni, ARTINFO Los Angeles

(Image: Still from “Feast of Burden.”)

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