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Curatorial Opinion

Beyond the White Cube: Marine Salon No 9

Living with Art: the crowd at the private opening reception beneath Tanya Aguiñiga’s installation

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Marine Salon Opening

Thanks to everyone involved in making Saturday night’s opening reception such a wonderful success!  The exhibition I guest curated is on view at Marine Salon in Los Angeles through September 15, by appointment only. For more information, please email me directly or see below.



Yasmine Mohseni Beyond the White Cube

As featured in Ninunina.com

Yasmine Mohseni is an independent arts curator, writer and speaker based in Los Angeles, Paris and Santa Barbara. Her  first job in the art world was as a press intern at the Musee d’Orsay in Paris where she was able to walk around the museum when it was closed and pretend she had her own private collection of Degas, Manets and Monets! From there, she bounced around the globe,  got a Masters at Bard College in New York, covered art fairs in Basel, Dubai, London and Miami for various magazines and worked as a curator for galleries and non profits in Los Angeles.

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