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Curatorial Opinion

Beyond the White Cube: Marine Salon No 9

Living with Art: the crowd at the private opening reception beneath Tanya Aguiñiga’s installation

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Marine Salon Opening

Thanks to everyone involved in making Saturday night’s opening reception such a wonderful success!  The exhibition I guest curated is on view at Marine Salon in Los Angeles through September 15, by appointment only. For more information, please email me directly or see below.



Beyond the White Cube: Stephanie Dotson. Mixed-media artist

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Dotson

Santa Barbara-based mixed-media artist Stephanie Dotson looks to drugs and rugs for inspiration.  Rugs can be considered a bit dull while drugs are anything but.  Combine them and you have an intriguing and unexpected work of art.  Stephanie’s work often lives in that moment of tension where opposites pull in two different directions only to collide into a harmonious symbiosis.  This is epitomized in her new drugrug series [pictured above] and in her work currently on view at New York’s Christina Ray gallery.

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