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A Q&A With Catherine Opie About Her Bold New Body of Work at Regen Projects

Courtesy Regen Projects, Los Angeles; © Catherine Opie
Detail of Catherine Opie, “Kate & Laura,” 2012
by Yasmine Mohseni
Published: March 15, 2013
Seminal artist Catherine Opie is unveiling a new series in her solo show at Regen Projects, celebrating her 20-year collaboration with the L.A. gallery. The new photos are a departure from the aggressively political imagery of her past work. Here, the portraits and landscapes invite the viewer on an introspective journey into the artist’s current state of mind. Opie pulls from art history, notably Renaissance painterHans Holbein and Dutch master Rembrandt van Rijn, to create a series of contemporary photographs that address the theme of humanity and our cognitive relationship to memory and history. ARTINFO’s Yasmine Mohseni visited the exhibition with the artist, who offered insight into a new body of work that is at once quiet and powerful.

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