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L.A. Artist Kelly Barrie Talks Creative Process and Skateboarding

Courtesy of Marine Contemporary /Photo: Joe Pugliese
A skateboarder rides Kelly Barrie’s “Skate Wave” at the opening of his “High and Dry” exhibition
by Yasmine Mohseni
Published: March 20, 2013
The London-born, L.A.-based emerging artist Kelly Barrie taps into local surf and skate culture for his solo exhibition “High and Dry” at the Venice, California, gallery Marine Contemporary. Barrie continues to refine his technique of performance-based photography while delving into new territories with his first freestanding sculptural work. Barrie has a keen sense of a material-based experimentation, which allows for unforeseen circumstances to enter a work harmoniously. Perhaps growing up in a family of artists informed his intuitive creative approach: His parents are artists Ray Barrie and Mary Kelly. ARTINFO’s Yasmine Mohseni talked with Barrie about his new show.