John Baldessari’s Project for Arts Matter Hits the Road in Los Angeles


For the next four weeks, John Baldessari’s words “Learn to Dream, Aprende A Soñar” emblazon the sides of buses, billboards, and bus shelters across Los Angeles. Produced by ForYourArt, the public art project “Arts Matter” unveils a second artist collaboration, first kicked off by Barbara Kruger in October.

Baldessari’s black and yellow artwork for L.A. Metro buses mimics the colors of school buses, underscoring the importance of continual learning and reflecting. His use of bilingual text celebrates the city’s diverse art audiences.

Presented by the Los Angeles Fund for Public Education and the Los Angeles Unified School District, “Arts Matter” seeks to raise awareness about the importance of arts education in L.A. public schools, the nation’s second largest school district. Public art will be presented on a fleet of twelve city buses and other outdoor media totaling $4-million in value.

— Yasmine Mohseni, ARTINFO Los Angeles

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