Modern Painters: Review of Rosson Crow at Honor Fraser

Los Angeles

Rosson Crow at Honor Fraser February 25 – March 31, 2012

For “Ballyhoo Hullabaloo Haboob”, her second solo show at the gallery, the artist takes a decisive step away from the exuberant and colorful historical interiors for which she is known.  The ten large works on view capture a somber and reflective mood.  By focusing on mid 20th-century American patriotism, bravado, social upheaval and economic turmoil, Crow draws from the past to comment on the present.  The forlorn and stormy landscapes in the sepia-hued Tobacco Road and The Desperate Years, both 2011, evoke the Great Depression.  The champagne-soaked Roaring Twenties of Fitzgerald led to a hangover of massive proportions, much like the country’s current straits.

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Yasmine Mohseni Beyond the White Cube

As featured in

Yasmine Mohseni is an independent arts curator, writer and speaker based in Los Angeles, Paris and Santa Barbara. Her  first job in the art world was as a press intern at the Musee d’Orsay in Paris where she was able to walk around the museum when it was closed and pretend she had her own private collection of Degas, Manets and Monets! From there, she bounced around the globe,  got a Masters at Bard College in New York, covered art fairs in Basel, Dubai, London and Miami for various magazines and worked as a curator for galleries and non profits in Los Angeles.

Beyond the White Cube: Francesca Gabbiani. Mixed-media artist

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Of Violence and Beauty: Hayv Kahraman’s women


April 2012

Only upon entering the inviting world of Hayv Kahraman’s paintings does one recognize its gruesome reality.

Migrant 1, 2010. Oil on panel, 70x45 in

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Beyond the White Cube: Hayv Kahraman, Mixed-Media Artist.

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Beyond the White Cube: Sherin Guirguis. Mixed-media.

Untitled (khosouf I)

Born in Egypt and based in Los Angeles, Sherin Guirguis’ work is as much informed by her Eastern roots as it is by Western influences.  

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Middle Eastern art heads to West Coast

The Art Newspaper

March 2012

LOS ANGELES.  The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is perhaps American’s most active museum when it comes to collecting contemporary art by Middle Eastern artists.

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Beyond the White Cube: Asad Faulwell. Painter.

Asad Faulwell’s painterly style draws from traditional Islamic art but his treatment of the canvas and the subject matter is rooted in a contemporary context.

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Beyond the White Cube: Rosson Crow. Painter.

I stopped by Rosson Crow’s studio a few weeks ago as she put the finishing touches on a new series of paintings for her upcoming solo show at Honor Fraser.

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Beyond the White Cube: Brian Wills. Painter and Mixed-Media Artist.

After Harvard Law School, Brian Wills realized art, and only art, would lead him to a happy and fulfilling existence.