Hammer Museum’s “Made In LA” Biennale Lacks Focus


MadeInLA-June-2014-Public Fiction-TheatricalityandSets

The Hammer Museum’s second biennale “Made in LA 2014” (June 15–September 17, 2014) takes on the daunting task of presenting the achievements of the city’s vast and heterogeneous contemporary arts landscape. The exhibition features new and existing work by 35 LA–based artists With the additional participation of over 100 artists in a selection of performance-based pieces, “Made in LA” presents not a cohesive exhibition but an assortment of shows within one large exhibition. The curatorial approach favors fluidity over stringent thematic delineations or chronological arrangement.

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The Real Unreal Dazzle of Francesco Vezzoli at MOCA LA



Movie Stars! Glamour! Hollywood! Welcome to Milan-based artist Francesco Vezzoli’s universe, where you might find Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams physically battling it out over a bottle of fake perfume called Greed, or Milla Jovovich partaking in a bacchanalian party in the trailer of the fictitious film Caligula, or even perhaps Eva Mendes seductively dancing in a faux advertisement for Paris’s Jeu de Paume. Vezzoli undeniably believes that bigger and flashier is always better. And this is precisely what we see at his recently opened solo exhibition Cinema Vezzoli at MOCA Los Angeles, on view until August 11, 2014.

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Paris Photo Taps the West Coast’s Emerging Art Market



Cristina De Middel,  #145 Man with Ideas. Photo: Courtesy Black Ship.

This past weekend, the place to be was Paramount Pictures Studios. That’s where the second edition of Paris Photo Los Angeles took up temporary residence from the evening of Thursday, April 24 until 6 p.m. yesterday.

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Photographer Firooz Zahedi Talks New Exhibit; Instagram as Art

The Hollywood Reporter

by Yasmine Mohseni

Firooz Zahedi Art Show - P 2014
Firooz Zahedi

The celebrated photographer, known for his portraits of Bette Midler and Angelina Jolie, among others, spoke with THR about his new work at L.A.’s Kopeikin Gallery and his thoughts on Kimye being compared to Liz and Dick.

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Francesco Vezzoli Opens Up About His Show at MOCA LA, Jeanne Moreau and That Church



On April 27, Milan-based artist Francesco Vezzoli, best known for deconstructing Hollywood in projects featuring household names like Lady Gaga, Sharon Stone, and Roman Polanski, opens his solo show “Cinema Vezzoli” at MOCA in Los Angeles. The exhibition is part of “The Trinity,” a series presented at three international institutions, MAXXI in Rome, MOCA, and New York’s MoMA PS1. Vezzoli sat down with artnet News during the exhibition installation to talk about his appreciation for cinema and the next set of artistic challenges ahead.

Portrait of Francesco Vezzoli FRANCESCO BY FRANCESCO: BEFORE & AFTER (2002) Photo by Francesco Scavullo

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Big City Forum Panel Discussion at Otis College of Art and Design

Please join me on Thursday, February 20, 2014, from 7-9pm, I will be moderating a panel discussion with two brilliant and thought-provoking members of the Los Angeles contemporary art scene, Allison Agsten, Curator of Public Engagement at the Hammer museum, and Saskia Wilson-Brown, founder of the Institute for Art and Olfaction. Details below.


Big City Forum: Creative Action

Big City Forum: Creative Action
Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014
7 – 8:30 pm
The Auditorium, Otis Main Campus

from A Trip to Japan in Sixteen Minutes at The Hammer Museum

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Patronage in L.A. (Part 3 of 3): Will Hollywood Come Through For the Art World?

by Yasmine Mohseni
Published: April 19, 2013
Annie Philbin, Will Ferrell, and Viveca Paulin-FerrellStefanie Keenan
Annie Philbin, Will Ferrell, and Viveca Paulin-Ferrell

Patronage in L.A. (Part 2 of 3): Can LACMA Spark a “Generational Changeover”?

by Yasmine Mohseni
Published: April 18, 2013

Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for LACMA CEO of Sony Corporation of America Michael Lynton, entrepreneur Lynda Resnick, and LACMA’s Michael Govan

Patronage in L.A. (Part 1 of 3): How Capricious Donors Stymie a Great Art Scene

This is the first of a three-part ARTINFO series on art patronage in Los Angeles.
by Yasmine Mohseni
Published: April 17, 2013

Courtesy the Hammer Museum
Gala in the Garden at the Hammer Museum (2011)
In recent years, Los Angeles has received increased international attention as an important new center for contemporary art. In fact, the idea that L.A. art is the next great frontier has been repeated so many times that today it’s almost a cliché. The real question should be, in the face of all this buzz, what still holds it back?

L.A. Power Gallery Deploys James Turrell Skyspace


Courtesy Kayne Griffin Corcoran, Los Angeles © Stefanie Keenan
Bill Griffin, James Corcoran, and Maggie Kayne
by Yasmine Mohseni
From the April 2013 issue of Modern Painters


On May 25 the Los Angeles gallery Kayne Griffin Corcoran is set to unveil a large new space in Wilshire. Renovated by Los Angeles-based architecture firm Standard, it features key elements designed by James Turrell such as the permanent Skyspace, the courtyard, and the lighting scheme throughout the space. The exhibition will also showcase works related to Turrell’s decades-long Roden Crater project sited in a 400,000-year-old extinct cinder cone volcano in the San Francisco Volcanic Field near the Grand Canyon. Yasmine Mohseni spoke with Maggie Kayne and Bill Griffin about their new space, their ongoing collaboration with Turrell, and creating a new kunsthalle in L.A.

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