Emerging in LA

The Art Newspaper

October 2011


Ruben Ochoa, 37, represented by Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects

Ochao mixes art with engineering, using raw industrial materials such as rebar (reinforced steel) and concrete to create large-scale work (left, Watching, Waiting, Commiserating, 2010).  He has sourced material and created work in such cities as Kiev, Madrid and Venice, but recognises the advantage of working in a place like LA.  “I appreciate the availability of resources.  Navigating through Los Angeles in my little pick-up truck can be just as much of an adventure and process as the actual production of my work,” he says.

Jennifer West, represented by Marc Foxx, Los Angeles and Vilma Gold, London

Jennifer West focuses on the treatment of the celluloid surface and the performance of the filmmaking process.  Her manipulation of the film negative often results in abstract compositions that are full of movement (above, Dawn Surf Jellybowl Film, 2011).  West, who has widely exhibited around the work, including at Tate Modern in London and Art Basel 42, is aware of her works’ ties to Los Angeles.  “When I started making these films, I didn’t have a studio, I was making them in my yard and bathroom.  That’s very specific to LA-people work out of their garages here.”


Davida Nemeroff, 30, represented by Annie Wharton Los Angeles

Nemeroff, left, is both an artist and gallery owner, founding Night Gallery (see p40) in 2010.  The Canadian-born photographer moved to LA two years ago and now says she can’t imagine living anywhere else.  “Since a lot of my photographs often come from a place of leisure, LA and her ways have become a critical viewpoint,” she says.


Susan Anderson, represented by Patrick Painter, Los Angeles and Torch Gallery, Amsterdam.

Originally from Minneapolis, photographer Susan Anderson credits Los Angeles for much of her success.  “I have always been interested in entertainment, celebrity and cinema, but moving to LA has forced me to confront these in a much more direct way,” she says.  Susan’s career took off with High Glitz, her 2009 book and photo series portraying the controversial world of child beauty pageants.  The Annenberg Space for Photography selected a work from this series for their 2011 exhibition Beauty Culture (until 27 November).

Scoli Acosta, 37, represented by Daniel Reich, New York and Galerie Laurent Godin, Paris

Scoli Acosta, who was brought up in LA, has embraced a conceptual practice, with an approach to his work that is closer to poetry, as he exercises an associative creative process.  In 2008, he was included in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s “Phantom Sightings” exhibition of Chicano art and has had a solo show at the alternative contemporary arts space LAX Art.  (Above, Pentagonal Monochrome (Tambourine) Circle, 2009.)


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