Beyond the White Cube: Davida Nemeroff. Photographer, Mixed-Media Artist, Proprietress of Night Gallery

Last week, I hung out with Davida at her studio in downtown LA. She and I collaborated on a project last year and hadn’t seen each other since, so it was great to catch up.

The Columbia MFA grad has been very busy since her move to LA two years ago. In addition to her artist practice, she has opened the critically-acclaimed Night Gallery, which landed her in the Interview magazine issue dedicated to the LA art scene (looking very glam, might I add!). Davida is an up and comer to definitely keep an eye on.

Yasmine Mohseni: Why did you become an artist?

Davida Nemeroff: I became an artist from being a photographer. I wanted to reach the nucleus of photography, and then things started to fall apart and open up.

Describe your style.

Painfully formal.

What are you working on right now?

A project based on going to the LA Zoo and spectatorship.

Who are you favorite artists, living or dead?


This is a tuff question.  I have so many favorite artists, I love working with artists…most of the time…art and artists are the reason I deal with working with them in the first place.  My favorite artists are the ones whose life and work coexist…


…Some of my fav artists who I am forever indebted to are Duchamp, O’Keefe, Berenice Abbott, Ian Baxter, Roe Ethridge, Moyra Davey, Tony Romano, and William Wegman.

Where did the idea for Night Gallery come from?

Night Gallery (to view art at night) came from my crew of friends in New York hanging out in our studios at Columbia.  The painter Mira Dancy named the gallery.  As for having experience with black walls, I had co-organized large group show in Brooklyn, Whitney’s Biennale with 3 other artists (Elise Rasmussen, Martha Mysko, and MaryKate Maher) in a black gym type of place in August 2009.  Many parts of organizing the show came really naturally, like an extension of my social being.  So, I thought I should do that. However, now running an influential gallery has really taken a toll on my current social being.  I have the utmost respect for those that coordinate events and keep spaces going for the community.




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