ArtTable, a Network for Female Art Professionals, Revived in Los Angeles


NOVEMBER 14, 2012, 8:42 AM

ArtTable, a 1,300-strong members-only national group dedicated to providing networking opportunities for women working in the visual arts, is revamping their L.A. chapter. Founded in 1980, “ArtTable lost momentum [in L.A.] due mostly to the recession, now that the West Coast has taken on more prominence [in the art world], my goal is to engage the Southern California community and bring ArtTable’s LA group back on the national stage,” Dorothy Goldeen, an art adviser and the new head of ArtTable L.A.’s Executive Committee, told ARTINFO.

The group’s overhaul will be done through programming such as private networking dinners at members’ homes, mentorship opportunities, and studio visits like the recent Saturday afternoon lunch and visit with artists Kelly BarrieJedediah Cesar, and Alexandra Grant.

This begs the question: With so many L.A. art institutions offering their paying participants access to private collections, social activities and studio visits, what does ArtTable provide that these other groups don’t? For starters, members must have a minimum of five years work experience in the non-profit or commercial art world.

“ArtTable members are the backbone of the visual arts, these are the working people [of the art world],” explains Goldeen. Furthermore, the organization has a strong community-building mission, fostering the recognition and advancement of women in the arts. “It’s a powerful sisterhood,” affirms Goldeen.

By providing access to high-caliber programming at a reasonable price point — dues are determined by an individual’s financial circumstance — ArtTable L.A. is seeking to build a discerning and inclusive professional network for women in the arts. Next on the calendar: a visit to the Getty Conservation Institute to view Jackson Pollock’s 1943 “Mural,” currently under restoration.

— Yasmine Mohseni, ARTINFO Los Angeles

(Image: Jackson Pollock, “Mural,” 1943. Courtesy the University of Iowa Museum of Art. ViaGetty Iris Blog.)


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